I released a new experimental record called ‘Fungus’ 

somethin new


Tru Sound x Cyc Tre

To those who may be concerned:

Yes, locco lingo is returning, and yes I will be looking for artist to be performing for upcoming events. BUT as the face of this growing event, it is my responsibility to ensure that people who come are experiencing music that best represents my vision as well as the visions of those involved: positivity and true artistry.

For further events I’m going to be very critical and specific with who I chose to include in performances, regardless of my relationship with you. If you are not chosen that is not a reflection of your talent in a negative way, it just means your vision may not line up with what we are looking for. If you choose to lash out our talk down on me or the event that is what will portray yourself negatively as an artist. 

I appreciate your interest and support of what I’m doing, and hope to still have more artist submit for performing, but do keep this message in mind If you do.

- Tru